A Few Things You Can Have Done at a Walk-in Clinic You Probably Never Thought about

Walk-in clinics are generally used when someone cannot get in to see his or her own doctor and it is not a medical emergency. If you are sick or have a minor injury, you can go to a clinic to be seen and treated in an hour or so. However, there are other procedures you can have done at these medical facilities to save time and money. If you are in need of any of the following, a walk-in clinic is probably your best option for medical care.

Cancer Screening

If you are concerned you may have cancer, whether you have seen your primary care physician or not, you can go to a walk-in clinic and have the screening tests performed that same day. If you were to go to your doctor, he or she would schedule the testing to be done at a diagnostic center. It could take a few days, or even a few weeks before you are able to get the appointment. When you are afraid you may have cancer, the extra wait is not something you want to deal with. The clinic can do the testing, but may have to send it out to be interpreted. However, so will anywhere else you go so it is best to get your part done as soon as possible.

DNA Testing

Often, when trying to prove paternity, it can be tough to get the other parent to a testing facility for an appointment. Instead, going with him or her to a walk-in clinic the next time you happen to meet gets the job done with no need for setting things up. While it may still be difficult to get the other adult to submit to the test, at least you know where to go. Talk to your lawyer about getting a court order for the testing and then going to the clinic as soon as possible.

Second Opinions

There are going to be times when you disagree with your doctor or are not sure you accept his or her diagnosis. You absolutely have the right to a second opinion. If your doctor will not recommend another doctor, or you do not want to go to someone he or she recommends because it may be someone who will automatically agree with a friend, you can go to a walk-in clinic. Explain the situation, but not the diagnosis or recommended treatment, with the doctor at the clinic and see if he or she comes to the same conclusion as your own primary care physician. You can also go to the clinic to get a referral to a different specialist than you have seen to get a second opinion in that way too.

Walk-in clinics will save you the time of having to schedule appointments with other facilities. This can reduce anxiety and get your results much faster. They will also save you money by making you miss work to go to any appointment because they are open later, many are 24-hours, and on weekends.