Does Your Child Have a Broken Bone? What You Should Do

If your child fell off the swing set or even just jumped off the couch and broke a bone, you may be freaking out. The good news about broken bones is that there are a variety of different broken bone services that may be available to you and your family. So, what should you do? This article will list a few steps that you can take. Ready to learn some more? If so, read on.

Keep it Isolated

The last thing you want your child to do is hit their broken arm against a wall or have their sibling step on their broken foot. Until you take them into the hospital, try to keep the broken bone as isolated as possible. To do this, all you really have to do is make sure that nobody is getting too close to them and that they are watching where they are walking. Then, once you have put them in the car, try to have them keep their broken bone elevated somehow; that way, the pressure is lessened on the broken bone. If it's a broken arm, then you can just have them raise it above their head until you get to the hospital. If it's a broken foot or ankle, you can have them elevate it on the car seat. 

Take Them to the Hospital

Once you get to the hospital, they will take your child back and get them set up in the hospital room. After that, they will usually take them in to have an X-ray done. Once they get the X-ray results back, they will be able to determine where the break is, how bad it is, and the best way to treat it. For most breaks, they can bandage it up and put a cast over it to help set it in place while it naturally fuses back together. In rare and severe instances, they may have to perform surgery on it. 

At-Home Care

Once your child has been released from the hospital, you will have to do things like ensure they aren't itching under their cast or getting it wet in the shower. Additionally, you may want to give them some children's Tylenol until the pain of the break goes away. Remember that one of the best things your child can do is to rest. If they're really little and have a hard time sitting still, try doing activities like crafts where they can sit down. 

Use these tips if your child has a broken bone.